Cryogenic laboratory

The nicecell cavity cryostat at INFN-LNL
A 4 meters deep cryostat for the rf test of 1,3 Ghz 9-cell resonators. By a 20,000 cubic meter/hour roots pumping, the cryostat will support 60 watt of RF powers
Germanium termometrs, silicon diodes or carbon glass thermometers are employed for monitoring the cavity temperature in the cooled liquid helium bath

After the fabrication of a cavity, the cavity is cooled to 4,2K then at 1,8K where, the Q-factor is measured as a function of the accelerating field.

A four chamber sputtering system. Having a central turbopump that serves four different chambers insulated by 4 all metal CF40 Right angle valves, thuis seastem enables four people to work almost simoultaneously.