Thin film deposition

Science, Research & Development

  • Sputtering: PVD, HiPIMS, CVD;
  • Chemical treatments: Electropolishing, etching, deposition, plasma treatments, cleaning;
  • Materials, Surface analysis.

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When you need to metalize a surface, sputtering is absolutely the most versatile technique you can use. Sputtering is a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process capable of depositing thin films of any material (target) on any properly prepared surface. In the sputtering process a vacuum plasma is generated in order to bombard the target with positive ions. The target is vaporized and the vapors are deposited on the substrate growing a thin film atomic layer upon atomic layer.

The power of sputtering is a low-temperature process capable of coating any material with a second material of any nature. The applications are therefore endless. It is possible to deposit, just as an example, gold, silver or titanium on steel, plastic, marble or even rubber, even with images and decorations. Replacing solid gold with a thin coating of precious metal can therefore open up new architectural trends, new fashion trends, new stylistic requirements. The thin film not only lowers the cost of the product but can also highlight the geometries and peculiarities of the substrate on which it is deposited.