Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Lab:

Two chemistry laboratories are active in Legnaro. The main activities that can be performed are: preparation of surfaces for UHV systems assembly (ultrasonic degreasing, deoxidation, drying with solvents); surface preparation of components for subsequent braze welding in a high vacuum furnace; chemical and electrochemical polishing of the surface of copper and niobium components (resonant cavities, cryostats, detectors); treatments of low-melting alloys; studies of alternative chemical treatments; supply of ultrapure deionized water, ultra-cleaning of copper components from radioactive contaminants.

Chemical etching facility for QWR:

The chemical treatments of the surface of the RF cavity, removing damaged layers and/or possible surface contamination, is fundamental in order to improve cavity performance and mandatory before superconductive coating with thin film. The LNL chemistry laboratory is equipped with a semi-automatic facility, to perform different processes as washing, degreasing, chemical and electrochemical treatments and passivation, necessary for the surface finishing of QWR before the thin film coating.

Additional facilities available are: Chemical hood, semi-automatic plant for chemical treatments of small components, surface treatments of Copper and Niobium 6 GHz cavities (for fast and repeatable R&D). This facility includes moreover, surface machining, electro polishing, chemical etching of Nb and Cu 6 GHz resonators.