Applied Superconductivity: theory, superconducting materials and applications-Didactic Material prof. Palmieri Enzo

Author: prof. Palmieri Enzo ; Type of thesis: Didactic Material
Abstract: When hearing about persistent currents recirculating for several years in a superconducting loop without any appreciable decay, one realizes that we are dealing with a phenomenon which in nature is the closest known to the perpetual motion. Zero resistivity and perfect diamagnetism in Mercury at 4.2 K, the breakthrough during 75 years of several hundreds of superconducting materials, the revolution of the “liquid Nitrogen superconductivity”; the discovery of still a binary compound becoming superconducting at 40 K and the subsequent re-exploration of the already known superconducting materials: Nature discloses drop by drop its intimate secrets and nobody can exclude that the last final surprise must still come.
After an overview of phenomenology and basic theory of superconductivity, the lectures for this academic training will focus on the evaluation of the different classes of superconducting materials and on some selected industrial application of superconductivity.