DC and RF Measurements of MgB2 thin films – Tsuyoshi Tajima – TFSRF-2010

Title: DC and RF Measurements of MgB2 thin films
Author: Tsuyoshi Tajima
Institution: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Abstract: In order to overcome the fundamental limit of an accelerating gradient of ~50 MV/m for Nb SRF cavities, thin film coating of MgB2 has been studied. Results of DC measurements using Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) SQUID at LANL and of RF measurements using 11.4 GHz high-power pulsed Klystron with a TE013-mode copper cavity at SLAC will be presented. While DC measurements show very promising results, i.e., Bc1>200 mT at 4.5 K, two RF measurements have shown a quench field of ~25 mT at 3 K.