Electropolishing of 6GHz cavities by ionic liquids – Vanessa Rampazzo – TFSRF-2010

Title: Electropolishing of 6GHz cavities by ionic liquids
Author: Vanessa Rampazzo
Institution: Legnaro National Laboratories of INFN
Abstract: The electropolishing of niobium using RTIL without fluorine shows good surface improvements, and the original recipe based on Urea and Choline Chloride is under study for application on 6 GHz niobium cavities. The goal is to obtain a uniform electrical field on the internal surface, despite of the big differencies in distances from the cathode inserted into the cavity. Morevoer, the electrical power injected into the cavity degrades the ionic liquid, if this isn’t efficiently cooled down. All of this pratical problems are partially solved adding various special reagents in IL, that raise the uniformity in electrical field and decrease the working current of electropolishing. Another goal is the use of a continuos flux of liquid, that flows through the cavity.