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First-level Short Specialisation degree

“Surface Treatments For Industrial Applications”

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These courses lead to an out-of-mainstream university qualification; they can be accessed after a 1st cycle degree course or a comparable foreign degree. They last at least one year and involve the acquisition of at least 60 credits.
The corresponding qualification does not give access to 2nd or 3rd cycles. The latter degree course is also clearly different from the usual master degree, which – not only in English-speaking countries but also in the whole area of the Bologna Process – corresponds to the Italian laurea magistrale.

  How to apply

Admission is possible only if the applicant meet the requiriments for the chosen course, as explained in the selection notice. Applicants must fill in the online pre-enrolment form (on Uniweb) and complete all the other formalities according to the deadlines stated for the current academic year.

Students can also enroll for single modules delivered within the scope of certain courses.

Objectives: The main objective of the Master is to train the skills necessary for the appropriate use of new technologies and the diagnostics necessary to improve the processes used in the industrial field and in the field of surface treatments. In particular, we train specialists who, once they have learned the plasma engineering technologies (the most technologically advanced), can easily apply them for example to the manufacture of dental implantology, surgical prostheses, titanium heart valves, Titanium components for ultralight cars , new technologies for eyewear and watch making, design and construction of deposition sources. In detail, specialists will be trained for the national industry and for the Research Institutes, able to design, plan, build, develop and maintain PVD thin film deposition machines and electrochemical plants for surface treatment processes

Professional opportunities: At the end of the training course, students acquire the most common industrial processes in the field of surface treatments and finish the course being able to design, build, develop and test machines for depositing thin films and machines of chemical and electrochemical finishing of surfaces. The Master’s objective is – training of super specialists in the design, construction and automation of PVD deposition and electrochemical treatments. Once graduated, people find employment as R&D Manager, Process Engineer in private industry, researcher, technologist, in public / private research organisations.

Director: Giorgio Keppel

Level: 1

Duration: annual

Period: November 2019 / September 2020

Teaching mode: frontal / remote

Language: Italian / English

Location of the Master: National Institute of Nuclear Physics – Laboratories of Legnaro, Viale the University, 2 – 35020 Legnaro (PD)

Available seats: min: 5 / max: 10

Registration fee: € 4.024,50

Selection procedure: evaluation of qualifications and oral test

Application submission deadline: 3 October 2019


For information: 049 8068665;,