Future CERN projects and their technological challenges – José Miguel Jimenez – TFSRF-2014

Title: Future CERN projects and their technological challenges
Author: José Miguel Jimenez
Institution: CERN
Abstract: The CERN Medium Term Plan approved by June’14 Council, implements the European Strategy for Particle Physics including a long-term outlook. This scientific programme is concentrated around four priorities: Full LHC exploitation – the highest priority – including the construction of the High Luminosity Upgrade until 2025; High Energy Frontier – CERN’s role and preparation for the next large scale facility; Neutrino Platform – allow for to contribute to a future long baseline facility in the US and for detector R&D for neutrino experiments; Fixed-target programme – maintain the diversity of the field and honour ongoing obligations by exploiting the unique facilities at CERN. The R&D part of this MTP aims at staying at the technology forefront and to recover its key role player in SC RF technology.