Growth of MgB2 Films on Metallic Substrates by HPCVD – Zhimao Ni – TFSRF-2014

Title: Growth of MgB2 Films on Metallic Substrates by HPCVD
Author: Zhimao Ni
Institution: Peking University
Abstract: Authors: Zhimao Ni, Fa He, Kexin Liu and Qingrong Feng

MgB2, due to its high transition temperature of ~40K and absence of weak links between grains, is a candidate material for superconducting radio-frequency (RF) cavities for future particle accelerators. Peking University has developed a HPCVD method for MgB2 fabricating on metallic substrates. We have grown MgB2 films on the substrates of Cu, Nb and Mo[1] successfully. Recently, for better quality of MgB2 film, we tried to fabricate MgB2 film on Cu substrate which was coated a thin film of Mo on the surface. We also tried to obtain the large-area MgB2 film (2-inches in diameter) on metallic substrate with good uniform for RF measurement. The method and results of recent experiments will be presented.

[1] Fa He, et al. MgB2 films fabricated on molybdenum substrate by hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition for superconducting RF cavity applications. Superconductor Science and Technology, 2012,25(6):065003.