Nb3Sn Work at Cornell – Sam Posen – TFSRF-2010

Title: Nb3Sn Work at Cornell
Author: Sam Posen
Institution: Cornell Unviersity
Abstract: This paper will describe the active research program at Cornell University devoted to superconducting Nb3Sn coatings. This includes a new furnace system for coating 5-inch diameter niobium samples using the vapor diffusion technique, designed after the systems built at Wuppertal University. The first coated samples have undergone surface studies as well as RF tests conducted with a newly constructed TE cavity. The results will be presented. Once the coating procedure is optimized, Nb3Sn-coated cavities will be fabricated at Cornell, and both CW and pulsed measurements will be done. Recently, a cavity coated at Wuppertal more than 20 years ago was tested using these techniques. The results will be shown here.