Overview of the latest SRF projects at the S-DALINAC – Sven Sievers – TFSRF-2010

Title: Overview of the latest SRF projects at the S-DALINAC
Author: Sven Sievers
Institution: S-DALINAC, TU Darmstadt
Abstract: S. Sievers, U. Bonnes, J. Conrad, R. Eichhorn, F. Hug, M. Konrad, T. Kürzeder, N. Pietralla, A. Richter

The Superconducting Darmstadt Linear Accelerator S-DALINAC uses 3 GHz niobium cavities for electron acceleration. These cavities suffer from Q-values being three times lower than designed. Part of an explanation for these low Q-values could be surface contaminations, another possibility is the use of magnetostrictive components in the fine tuning system located directly at the cavity. Current research includes the setup of an array for quench detection via 2nd sound to find the contaminated areas, the investigation of the behaviour of piezo actors in superfluid helium to replace the magnetostrictive elements and the operation test of new power couplers.
These experiments are conducted at the vertical bath cryostat that has been commissioned within the last year. The talk will cover the latest results in these projects.