Preparation of Nb3GaAl Superconductors – Andrea Maria Camacho-Romero – TFSRF-2014

Title: Preparation of Nb3GaAl Superconductors
Author: Andrea Maria Camacho-Romero
Institution: INFN-LNL
Abstract: A15 compounds Nb3Ga, Nb3Al and Nb-Al-Ga have been synthesized on niobium samples by means of induction heating. For the preparation before of treatment, the niobium samples were treated with BCP solution in order to polish the surface. Subsequent, the samples were annealing using an inductor and setup the voltage, time, sample position, temperature, type and pressure of gas used. The inductive measurements indicate that the highest critical temperature was 18 K with DTc 0.35 K, in Nb-Al-Ga#1 sample. Mapping analysis showed the uniform diffusion of aluminium into the niobium. On the contrary, the gallium diffuses creating channels into niobium. The chemical composition was measured by EDS obtaining 82% wt. Niobium, 11.3%wt., Gallium, 4.7% wt., Aluminium and 1.9% wt. Oxygen. Finally, the results indicate that the new technique is feasible for synthesis of A15 superconductor without using a vacuum system.