Thin Films for SRF – What might the future hold? – Charlie Reece – TFSRF-2010

Title: Thin Films for SRF – What might the future hold?
Author: Charlie Reece
Institution: Jefferson Lab – Newport News (VA) USA
Abstract: While the great majority of applications which use superconductors for their low surface resistance properties in response to rf fields employ high-purity bulk niobium, there are inherent limitations with this material. One may imagine even a large number of desirable applications if but the high system costs could be brought down by factors of 2 to 10, or the supportable stable fields could be increased by factors of 2 to 10 over the best that niobium can sustain while remaining superconducting. So what do we dare dream of bringing onto the real plane? What might be realizable if we but sort out and control material properties appropriately? I’ll attempt to construct a brief survey taste of what might be possible via SRF thin films, while thoroughly ignoring the technical difficulties that lie in the path ahead.