Upgrading of silver edible coatings on cardamom seeds – Master Thesis Vanessa Andreina Garcia Diaz

Author: Vanessa Andreina Garcia Diaz ; Type of thesis: Master Thesis
Abstract: In this work, Cardamom seeds were coated with silver by the Magnetron Sputtering technique. Twenty (20) processes were tested in different ways with wet and dry treatments and then sputtered. The wet treatment was made in order to reduce the size of a sugar buffer coating of the seeds, while surface treatments were applied to improve the aspect of the seeds. The parameters of deposition were 0,2 and 0,15 A of current for the cathode, 5×10-3 mbar pressure of work and the other parameters depend on the samples. The aim of the work was based on obtaining cardamom seeds with a silver coating that has silver appearance and small size. The ideal aspect of the seeds and their sizes are to be similar to the usual Cardamom seeds on the market. For this reason the seeds had a sugar and water layer that avoid degassing from the seeds. A dissolution of this covering was made to reduce their sizes (wet process) and a dry tumbling treatment was applied before deposition process to improve the coating.